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Relaxing Facial


The skin is the body's largest organ and its task is to protect the body from external influences and stress, therefore it is important that you take care of your skin.

We offer everything your skin needs - from classic facials to different special treatments with a higher concentration of deep-acting ingredients that give results.

Each treatment is tailored to the customer's needs and we strive to give your skin the very best.

With the help of our long experience, we have selected two of the best skin care products on the market; ecological Maria Åkerberg and the problem solver Exuviance


Exuviance is an advanced skin care from the doctors who discovered and patented the Alpha Hydroxy Acid technology (AHA) - one of the skin care industry's biggest innovations in recent decades.

Exuviance skin care systems have been created especially to meet the needs of those who do not need to seek care from a dermatologist, but who still wants to take advantage of medically developed skincare.

The products in the Exuviance Skin Care System have been developed to facilitate the skin's naturalness exfoliation process. By accelerating exfoliation and stimulating cell renewal, the dead are replaced the skin cells, which clog the pores, of new cells that give a healthy appearance. The result is one skin with a more beautiful, younger and healthier appearance


Maria åkerberg

Maria Åkerberg started her skin care series because she could not find a series with the requirements she wanted in the products, which are without mineral oil and synthetic ingredients.

maria Å.png

Her skin care was born and today she has a whole series under her own name Maria Åkerberg through the company Dermanord. The basic idea is simple; to provide its customers with high quality organic skin care transparency and openness throughout the process.

Maria Åkerberg strives to be 100% organic ingredients and only organic and biological content of plant extracts, oils and herbs. A skin care that is both kind to the environment and your skin.


Classic facial treatment with AHA acid Exuviance 60 min

The classic AHA-peel (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) cleanses deeply and increases the skin's

moisture level, elasticity and luster. At the same time it treats various skin problems such as acne/impure skin, lines/wrinkles, sun-damaged skin and pigmentations.

The treatment suits all skin types. For best results, a cure of 4-6 times is recommended, a cure once a week. Brushing can be enhanced for more powerful results on problem skin.

The treatment includes: Cleansing, skin analysis, steam, porn cleansing, AHA brushing, massage, brow pick, face mask and serum, day cream, eye cream and UV protection.

70 €

AHA-peeling Exuviance 30 min

A quick refresh that gives radiance and elasticity to your skin. The treatment includes; cleaning, AHA-peel, mask and serum, day cream and UV protection.

50 €.

To get the best results, a cure of 4-6 times is recommended.

Cure 6 times 280 €


Exuviance or Maria Åkerberg facial treatment Luxury 90 min

A longer and more luxurious facial treatment that is adapted to your skin type and also suits you who are sensitive. The treatment includes; cleansing, skin analysis, peeling, steam, porn cleansing, relaxing massage of face, neck and décolleté, mask, serum/oil and eye day/night cream, coloring of fringe and eyebrows included

95 €


Maria Åkerberg AHA treatment 60 min

AHA-peel with Swedish and organic Maria Åkerberg.

Recommended to go a cure between 4-6 times for best results.

The treatment includes: Cleansing, steam, porn cleansing, AHA-peel, facial massage, mask, brow pick, serum, oil and eye day/night cream

70 €



Maria Åkerberg facial treatment AHA 40 min

Here are four different options that I adapt to skin type and skin condition:

Antirouge. Prevents and counteracts superficial blood vessels and also suits rosacea. contains: cleansing, AHA-peel, facial massage, mask, serum and day/night cream

Clearing. Counteracts acne and impure skin. Anti-inflammatory. Contains: cleaning,

AHA-peel, steam, port emptying, mask, serum according to skin type and day/night cream

Moist. Moisture treatment, energizing and improves elasticity. Contains: cleaning, AHA-

peel, facial massage, mask, serum according to skin type and day/night cream

Vitamin C. Rebuilds sun-damaged skin, prevents skin aging, provides an energy boost

to a tired skin and improves elasticity and gives radiance. Contains: cleaning, AHA-peel, facial massage, mask, serum according to skin type and day/night cream

55 €

Lashes, brow color plus shaping/picking

Coloring of eyebrows and lashes incl. picking/shaping | 35 €

Lashes colouring | 20 €

Eyebrow colouring including picking/shaping | 25 €

Eyebrow plucking / shaping | 18 €


A waxing usually lasts 4-6 weeks.

1/1 Ben 60 min | 60 €

1/1 Ben incl. bikini line 75 min | 70 €

1/2 Ben 35 min | 40 €

1/2 Ben incl. bikini line 40 min | 60 €

Bikini line only 30 min | 25 €

Armpits only 20 min | 15 €

Waxing of the back 30 min | 35 €

Waxing of upper lip or chin 20 min | 15 €

Waxing of both upper lip and chin 25 min | 20 €



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